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Tree Service FAQ's

Are estimates free?

Yes - Estimates are free and scheduled at your convenience.

How are estimates conducted?

Usually a time is selected to meet and walk the property with the homeowner and owner of Patriot Tree. Each element of proposed work will be itemized and options can be provided as well as recommendations. These notes are then created into an electronic estimate that is emailed to future client.

How are costs determined?

The largest factor in determining a price is estimating the amount of time required to complete the job. Factors influencing price include location of the tree (obstacles that make the job more difficult), use of property (equipment used easily and safely on yard- septic, irrigation, fence, shed.)

How large or small of a job does Patriot Tree take on?

We can handle almost any job. In three years, only one job was turned down because of scope. Smallest job fluctuates between $300 in the slower months (Dec – Feb) and $500 in busy months.

What are Patriot Tree’s largest expenses?

Patriot Tree usually operates with a crew of @ six so manpower costs get expensive. On top of manpower, Workers Comp insurance, liability insurance, buying and maintaining a fleet of 4 trucks and equipment (chippers, tractors, stump grinder).

Can Patriot Tree identify trees that are a risk?

Yes –the owner of Patriot Tree can identify and provide risk mitigation. Patriot Tree also has an arborist available for consultation.

Can Patriot Tree assist with my problem grass areas?

In most cases too much shade prevents grass from thriving. Patriot Tree can thin a canopy and prune a tree to allow more sun on the grass. Patriot Tree also works closely with fertilization and landscape professionals who can assist too.

Can Patriot Tree get rid of new and old stumps?

Yes – Patriot Tree provides stump grinding service. We can turn unsightly and dangerous stumps into a mulch / dirt mix. We do not offer stump removal (digging).

Are you insured?

Yes – Patriot Tree carries Workers Comp on all employees and $2 million liability coverage. Most tree services are not “fully” insured, even when they state it. Patriot Tree can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI), direct from our insurance agent.

If you are looking for a North Carolina tree removal company then please call 910-231-3543 or complete our online request form.

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