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Overgrown Oak Tree Removal

Overgrown oak tree removal

Many of the jobs that Patriot Tree completes involve services for trees that have grown too close to existing properties. Sometimes a simple trimming will do, other times - as was the case with this overgrown live oak - a complete tree removal service is required. With the majority of the tree positioned over this property's roof and deck, a bad storm or lightning strike could have caused catastrophic damage to their home and been a hazard to the family's safety. Given how close the tree was to the property, this isn't the type of job that could have been completed safely by an untrained professional. Our experienced tree removal company was able to set up a multi-line rigging system to safely take down the tree.

  • Project Description: Massive Live Oak Take Down
  • We completed a full two day job taking down a massive live oak that had 80+% of the wood and limbs over a roof or deck. Lots of rigging; for a while we had 7 ropes in the trees. Great customer and pet dog! They will all sleep better when the next storm comes and their deck will last much longer too.

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