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4 Reasons That You Should Have The Stump Removed Along With The Tree

4 reasons that you should have the stump removed along with the tree

Anytime you have a specialist come out and remove a tree from your property, you are going to have to decide if you want them to remove the stump as well. Stump removal generally adds a little bit to the price of a tree removal service, but it is a service that is well worth the cost. Stumps that are left behind can cause a number of different problems around your property, and these issues usually only get worse over time. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to make the investment to remove that old stump along with the tree, then this article is for you. In it, our team of tree removal experts will highlight a few important factors that you should definitely weigh into your decision on whether or not to do so, and why having it removed can be such a benefit to your property.

Aesthetically Unappealing

Speaking from a purely aesthetic standpoint, tree stumps are not an appealing landscaping feature, especially if you are one of the many homeowners out there who takes great pride in maintaining a beautiful landscape around your home. If you want to ensure that the curb appeal of your home stays high and that your landscaping remains beautiful, the best thing to do is have that stump removed along with the tree.


Believe it or not, stumps can actually be a bit of a safety hazard around your home as well, especially if you have small children. Stumps can make outdoor playtime a bit dangerous, as they tend to be a tripping hazard. This can be particularly troublesome if your child's friends were to trip and hurt themselves, as it is possible for you to be held liable for any injuries.

Difficult To Maneuver

If you have ever had to mow around an old tree stump, you know just how much of a nuisance they can be. Old tree stumps can make just about any landscaping task inconvenient, whether it is mowing, weeding, or even new planting, and oftentimes, it is well worth the additional cost to have the stump removed rather than deal with the inconvenience of working around it for years to come.

Stumps Attract Insects

When stumps are left in place on your lawn for any length of time, they will eventually start to rot, and it can be a very slow process. As it happens, the decaying tree can attract a number of pests, including beetles, termites, ants, and a number of other wood-boring pests. While it might not seem like they pose a big threat out in your yard, many of these pests can actually find their way into your home without much trouble, and then you will have a much more serious problem on your hands.