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How Tree Trimming And Pruning Can Save Your Roof

How tree trimming and pruning can save your roof

Being a homeowner in North Carolina means having trees, and lots of them. This is a good thing as trees add such natural beauty to your house, and overall property. Not to mention this provides cleaner air and even increases the property value of your home. However, what many homeowners fail to realize is just how important it is to keep up with the maintenance for these tress. Fail to do so and there could be some dire consequences.

Tree Damage and Your Roofing

The bottom line is that tree growth can be easy to miss, especially with so many other tasks to tend to, as a homeowner. Make it a point to schedule regular tree trimming and pruning so you can avoid things like:

  • You may not give those branches hanging over your roof a second thought. In fact, you appreciate the shade that they provide. What you will not appreciate is when one of them snaps off during a storm and crashes through your rooftop.
  • Growing limbs have no sense of direction, so they simply grow, regardless of what may be in the way. While they are not likely to grow through your actual roof, they are likely to tear at the shingles along the way, causing serious damage.
  • Of course, let's not forget about the gutters, too. This is a vital aspect of your roofing system, as well. Leaves and needles can clog gutters and growing branches can severely damage your gutters. This is especially common in areas of your home that are more secluded, in other words the areas that you do not see as often.

Avoiding the Problem

Getting proactive about preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid having your trees cause damage to your roofing system. The best way to get the finest in quality service is by calling on Patriot Tree in order to get the job done. We take great pride in the work that we do and want to be able to help you get the professional care that you need, for your tree trimming and pruning.