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What To Expect With Stump Grinding In Hampstead, NC

What to expect with stump grinding in wilmington nc

In the Hampstead, NC area, we all know how great trees do in our climate. But sometimes we don't want certain trees growing in certain areas, so they need to come down.

If you have a tree that needs to be cut down, you will deal with the stump. Or, you may have stumps on your property that were left after tree removal was done in the past.

Either way, there are things you should know about the process.

Digging out a stump is a process that takes heavy equipment to remove the stump from your property, unless you're ready to hack at it with an ax yourself or hire someone too. Tree stumps can be extremely heavy, so hauling them away isn't easy.

Many times when a tree is cut down, the stump will continue to produce new growth that winds up becoming branches. This can be very annoying as they have to be continually pruned off.

For stumps on your Hampstead property, one option to choose is stump grinding to save you from continual trimming or digging it up.

The experts at Patriot Tree would like to help educate you about stump grinding services and what expect from the process.

Here is some information that you may find useful...

Once the tree is cut down, or on old stumps, the majority of the stump can be ground up.

When you choose a professional stump grinding service, you'll find that a very powerful machine handles the process with the experienced tree care professional controlling it.

The machine is set in the right position to grind the stump. The stump grinder is lowered onto the stump and then begins its work.

The grinder grinds the stump into small pieces. You can later use this as great mulch or pathway material.

The stump is ground up until it is a few inches below ground level. You will see dirt and dust over this area.

Over time, the remaining wood and roots will decay.

While stump grinding is a very effective method of removing tree stumps, many people prefer stump removal. With stump removal, the stump and a majority of the root ball is removed.

When trees grow, they lift the earth where they are growing. With stump grinding, it is more likely that you will have a hump in your landscape. Stump removal removes most of that humping problem.

Stump grinding may be the better option if you are on a tighter budget, but removal ensures your landscape is put back to normal as there are no unsightly or irritating humps in your lawn.

Whichever process you choose, you'll be rid of that constant frustration of trimming off new growth and dealing with an ugly, old tree stump.