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Woodpeckers Need Homes Too, But That Old Dead Tree Has To Go!

Woodpeckers need homes too but that old dead tree has to go

Just yesterday, I stepped out on the back deck of my house and saw a beautiful red-headed woodpecker poking away at a tree. It was so pretty that I almost wanted it to make it's home in my yard. The problem is that the tree is going to fall over soon. A couple of trees on my property were damaged by a hurricane some years ago. This one is now leaning over because the trunk has split about 4 feet down where the main branch starts.

That old dead tree has to go, in spite of the pretty woodpecker that needs a home. Getting rid of a tree is not easy, especially when it's a huge live oak like mine that provides much-needed shade. A tree like this can weigh tons, especially when green, so it does take some skill and heavy equipment to remove it.

There is another tree in my backyard that is growing too close to the roof. Yet another big live oak to take down. If I ignore it for a few more years, it will be even bigger and heavier. Eventually, it will ruin the roof, so that tree has to go too.

Be Safe, Hire A Tree Removal Service

If you find yourself in the same type of situation, it's time to do something about those nuisance trees. A tree removal service like Patriot Tree in North Carolina is the best solution.

The folks at Patriot Tree have a licensed arborist on staff. This means that you have access to a knowledgeable professional about tree care. If the tree can be saved, they are the ones to know. While my two trees have to go, perhaps yours could be saved with a little care so look for a tree removal service that has an arborist on staff.

Dangerous Trees

You'll want to remove any trees that are dying and past saving because they are dangerous to keep on your property. Have you ever heard of the term "widow maker"? Dead falling tree branches are deadly. Even small branches can fall and spear right through you, so be sure you keep those pruned off if the tree can be saved.

Remove any trees near power lines, outbuilding, roof lines, and other structures on your property before they grow too big. The smaller they are, the easier and less expensive it is to get rid of them.

Remove Saplings Along The Fence Line

Keep your fence lines trimmed back so you can mow. Don't let brush overtake the fence line because there will be tree saplings in the mix. Trees have a habit of growing along fences because the area doesn't get trimmed so they have a chance to mature. If the fence line is already growing thick foliage, either use a brush hog or get it all removed by a professional.